Budget and Financial Counselling in SA

The St Vincent de Paul Society works very hard to assist people in need. Critical life incidents and events such as unemployment, displacement, or chronic illness, often lead to individuals or families becoming dependent on welfare assistance. The long-term effects of welfare dependence can be loss of self-esteem and a sense of powerlessness.

The Budget and Financial Counselling Service available within the Society is one of the many services offered. It seeks to assist people to use improved budgeting strategies and develop practical living as a way of re-establishing their self-respect and independence.

Trained budget counsellors take the time to listen to and understand a persons needs, and in providing them with options in budgeting income and expenses, the budget counsellor encourages people to set, and work towards, attainable goals.

In South Australia...

If you need household budget advice please contact Tel: 1300 729 202

Call between 9am-1pm Monday to Friday.