Hospital and Prison Visitation

Want to find out if we offer Hospital and Prison visitation in your area? Head to the Vinnies Queensland portal to find services in your local area.

The St Vincent de Paul Society is concerned not only with relieving need, but also with redressing the situations, that cause need. Through personal contact, conference members (local branches) help by providing a hand-up, not just a handout.

A Conference is the main link between people seeking assistance and the St Vincent de Paul Society. Each year the Society in Queensland assists around 260,000 people and provides around $6.2m in direct material / financial assistance. In visiting people we find out what the person's needs are and how we can best assist that person.

Their needs may be:

  • social (isolation, violence, unemployment...)

  • personal (physical, mental health, addiction, grief, loneliness...)

  • material (food, clothing, shelter, warmth...)

Always our aim is to help people to stand on their own feet - "To take control of their own destiny" (Mission Statement)

Depending on the membership, some Conferences focus the visitation activities on particular areas, such as:

  • Parish Conferences assisting their general community including home and hospital visitation;

  • Young Adult Conferences assisting young people and youth activities;

  • School Conferences assisting the spiritual and social justice development in schools;

  • Prison Conferences assisting people in prisons and, importantly, their families;

  • Special Works Conferences assisting particular services (such as a hostel) run by the Society or another organisation

For details of your local contact or for more information on how you can be involved please contact:

Your local Society office or Centre

Your local Parish

St Vincent de Paul Society State Administration
Telephone: 07 3010 1000
Fax: 07 3010 1099
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