What is VRAP?

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VRAP offers in-home tutoring for families recently settled in Australia. Often this includes assistance with English and homework, but Tutors may also wish to assist with practical help such as teaching families to cook, helping with shopping and other miscellaneous house-hold tasks. Many develop strong bonds with their tutoring family, often becoming the family’s first Australian friends.

Who can access VRAP?
People who have entered the country on any form of Visa are welcome to request assistance from VRAP. Currently we have families from Rwanda, Somalia, the Sudan, the Congo, Burma and Nepal.

Where is VRAP located?
VRAP is based in Townsville, specifically in the homes of the families receiving the tutoring service.

Who benefits from VRAP?
Everybody benefits! As a tutor you will be amazed at how much you can gain from volunteering with this program. The families benefit by making new friends and receiving support from their local community, as well as extra English or homework help.

Can I volunteer for VRAP?
To volunteer with VRAP you must be a minimum age of 17 years and available to attend the mandatory training session prior to commencement of work. Those wishing to volunteer who are 18 years or over must also be willing to obtain a valid Blue Card. Volunteers require their own means of transportation.

How can I find out more about VRAP?
For more information please contact the VRAP Coordinator on 07 4771 4077 or at VRAP@svdpqld.org.au.