Information for Tenants in QLD
  • About tenant housing in QLD

    The Society provides a range of Housing Support across Queensland for those facing a housing crisis. To find out more about the housing support in your area, visit the looking for accommodation section of the website.

  • Applying for accommodation in QLD

    The Society has affordable housing across Queensland. Below is the key information and forms you need to check your eligibility and preparing an application.

  • Starting your tenancy in QLD

    When moving into one of the Society's housing facilities, there are a number of key things you need to know and forms you need to complete.

  • During your tenancy in QLD

    For the duration of your lease agreement, there is information you need to be aware of and forms for you to complete from requesting maintenance to using shared space.

  • Ending your tenancy in QLD

    When you are ending your Society accommodation tenancy accommodation, there is a process that you must follow. Below is the information and forms you need to complete:

  • Housing contacts in QLD

    Please ensure that you have been through the sections of the information for tenants, including the fact sheets. For other enquiries, please complete the form below and on of the Society's Housing Officers will get back to you.