St Vincent de Paul Society

Disaster Recovery in QLD

Disaster Recovery Support

Want to find disaster recovery support services in your area? Head to the Vinnies Queensland portal to find services in your local area.

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Queensland contributes to the State Disaster Welfare Committee, auspiced by the Queensland State Counter Disaster Organisation which is part of the Department of Emergency Services and Department of Communities.

The Society plays an active part in local government Disaster Recovery teams, who are constantly reviewing the local plans and resources so that they are prepared for any emergency.

The Society's role in a disaster is to provide those affected, particularly evacuated people with essential material items, such as blankets, toiletries, mattress, essential new clothing, food and water.

The Queensland State Disaster Welfare action is coordinated by the government and relies on a planned approach from voluntary agencies, which each hold a specific role during disasters and are coordinated by the Department of Emergency Services.

Delegating specific roles enables the agencies to act promptly and efficiently.

Other agencies involved with the Society include:

  • Red Cross, providing personal services
  • Salvation Army organising catering for field workers and evacuated people
  • Adventist Development and Relief agency  
  • Anglicare and Lifeline.

How We Assist Disaster Affected People

During a disaster, people may be evacuated from their homes to a safer location. The St Vincent de Paul Society disaster workers assist by providing basic essential goods to the evacuation site at the request of the Department of Emergency Services manager.

The Recovery

At the time of a disaster the St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland State President will initiate a Disaster Appeal to raise further funds to assist disaster affected people and maintains a Disaster Relief Fund which is accessed immediately for assistance during the Recovery Phase.

Importantly every dollar of donated monies is used in assisting those affected by the disaster and there is no means test applied.

During this recovery process the St. Vincent de Paul Society does not come under direction from the Department of Emergency Services and acts and operates independently.

People in need of assistance in this recovery period then contact the St Vincent de Paul Society Qld Disaster Helpline. The request for assistance is immediately relayed to the relevant Conference and two Vincentians will then visit the affected person/family and help them to fill in the St. Vincent de Paul Society claim form.

This claim form is emailed to the Disaster Relief Coordinator for approval and then finally passed on for payment. 

The State Government may pass on some funding to the St Vincent de Paul Society QLD Appeal Fund but all assistance to claimants is at the discretion of the St Vincent de Paul Society only.

Community Support

St Vincent de Paul Society representatives can be invited to be on community committees to assist the community back to a pre disaster situation.

For more information please contact:

St Vincent de Paul Society
Telephone: 07 3010 1000


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