Home modification and maintenance program in Queensland

What is the Home Modification and Maintenance Program?
We are contracted by the Queensland government to perform these modifications under the HACC (Home and Community Care) program, and facilitate major modifications through the Department of Housing, and minor maintenance through Disability Services Queensland.

Who can access the Home Modification and Maintenance Program?
Clients that meet the criteria are eligible for the Home and Community Care Program (HACC). These are people that would be at risk of inappropriate or premature admission to long term residential care if they did not receive HACC services.

Referrals to the Society's modification program come from a range of sources:

  • Hospitals
  • Family Members
  • Other HACC Providers
  • Vincentians (members of the community)

Where is the Home Modification and Maintenance Program located?
This service is provided from Brisbane River, down to NSW border, across to Gatton and down the back of Wivenhoe. See West Moreton/South Coast and South Brisbane HACC planning region Qld maps to check on suburbs in these regions.

What are the benefits of accessing the Home Modification and Maintenance Program?
The program, which is targeted at frail, aged or disabled individuals, provides an array of in-house modifications to allow people to continue living independently.
We perform major and minor maintenance and modifications in housing, including some of the below:


Home modifications

Home maintenance

Grab rails

Plumbing repairs

Special rails

Changing of light bulbs

Handheld showers

Installation of safety devices

Curtain rods and fittings

Minor structural repair

Minor and major ramps

Replace guttering

Chair raiser

Lawn mowing

Special taps


How can I find out more?
To find out more about the Society's home modification program, please contact the program's project manager on (07) 5561 4701 or email hacc.gc@svdpqld.org.au