What is SPARK?

SPARK support newly-arrived children and families of refugee backgrounds. With the support of over 150 volunteers, SPARK runs educational, social and cultural programs in partnership with primary schools in Western Sydney. SPARK inspires communities to work together for an equitable and compassionate society.

Who can access this service?

SPARK harnesses the power of schools to act as hubs of community engagement and support.  SPARK works in partnership with primary schools across Western Sydney. Students attending our partner schools and their parents/carers can access SPARK services.

­­Where is the service located?

SPARK is partnered with primary schools in Western Sydney.

Who benefits from SPARK?


SPARK includes Bright Sparks, an after-school activities club where volunteers work with children to provide language, homework, communication and other support. Volunteers and children build positive relationships. Children’s confidence in their school work and their new community grows. Children are referred to Bright Sparks by our partner schools.

Parents and communities

Parents/carers and volunteers come together to allow new families to make friends within the school community. In Community Sparks, volunteers assist parents to build on their English language skills, to understand the Australian school system, address settlement issues and participate successfully in Australian society.

SPARK works with other settlement and mainstream service providers to hold events and information sessions for newly arrived communities. SPARK also aims to build awareness of refugee issues within all communities.

Can I volunteer for this service?

Over 150 volunteers support the SPARK program across Western Sydney.

Bright Sparks volunteers assist newly arrived primary school children with their homework, literacy and numeracy skills.

Community Sparks volunteers meet with newly arrived parents/carers and help facilitate discussions on settlement issues in Australia.

Volunteer positions are currently open, To find out more visit: spark.vinnies.org.au or email  spark@vinnies.org.au

How can I find out more about SPARK?

Phone: (02) 46215557

Email: spark@vinnies.org.au

Website: spark.vinnies.org.au