What is the Asylum Seeker Program?

The Asylum Seeker Program (ASP) aims to work together with people seeking asylum, focusing on vulnerable individuals and families living in New South Wales (NSW) and experiencing financial hardship. The ASP provides case management, financial assistance and wrap around support people seeking asylum who may be at risk of homelessness as they have no form of income and have minimal support options available to them.

Payments are made fortnightly and are calculated at approximately 89% of the Newstart Allowance, as modelled of Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payments.  

Wrap around support for clients may include:

  • Opal Gold application and certification
  • Connecting clients with their local Conference
  • Linking clients in with community programs 

Who can access this service?

We accept referrals from our volunteer and member support services, external organisations, community members and self-referrals.

If you are currently seeking asylum you are welcome to contact us (please see the contact details listed below).

The key focus of the program is to support the vulnerable cohort of people seeking asylum referred to as ‘double negatives.’ Individuals and families are eligible for the ASP if they do not have access to any form of income, no longer receive Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payments, cannot work, and are not being supported financially by any other organisation. Please see below for more details around eligibility.

To be eligible for the ASP, a person must be:

  • Person seeking asylum (at one of the four stages)*
  • Not receiving casework support from any other organisation
  • Not receiving ongoing financial support from any other organisation
  • Not be eligible for Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payments
  • Not be able to work
  • Not receiving adequate income to ‘live off’(from paid work, community groups, or other charitable organisations or individuals)
  • Not have adequate support for living from family, friends or the community
  • Not paying private legal fees
  • Living in Australia less than 10 years
  • Have not exceeded 2 year duration of ASP payments (for existing clients only)

* The program focuses on proving support to those at Judicial Review and Ministerial Intervention

Where is the service located?

Our case management team is based in the Inner City of Sydney, though anyone who is a person seeking asylum and living in NSW may be eligible for our assistance. The service is also linked to an array of other services in the Sydney area.

Please note: allocation of new clients will occur three days per week and is contingent on casework capacity.

How can I find out more?

ASP Program Information
ASP Eligibility Criteria
ASP Referral Form

For more information please contact the Asylum Seeker Program team.

Phone: (02) 8622 0419 

Email: AsylumSeekerProgram@vinnies.org.au