What is Vincentian House?

Vincentian House is a crisis accommodation and case management service for families and women.  Crisis Accommodation is provided onsite and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are funded by Family and Community Services, Specialist Homeless Services and the St Vincent De Paul Society NSW.  Vincentian House is part of St Vincent De Paul Society NSW Support Services.

We follow a client centred service delivery framework that endeavours to be both trauma informed and culturally competent.   

We recognise that people who experience homelessness have experienced various, and often multiple forms of traumatic stress in their lives.  We have adopted the Trauma Informed Care principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment, and strive to include these in all our programming and service delivery.  

Who can access this service?

Vincentian House welcomes families and single unaccompanied women who are experiencing homelessness or are at immediate risk of homelessness . We support families whose family unit comprises of;
• Single fathers with accompanying children;
• Single mothers with a teenage son and any other accompanying children;
• Couples with accompanying children; and

Vincentian House will also accept referrals for, and consider, other family groups who are having difficulty accessing assistance from other services. Vincentian House endeavours to be flexible and adaptive to the special needs and circumstances of the people we work with.
Referrals are accepted from any recognised Community and Government Agency. Self-referrals should be made via Link2Home on 1800 1521 526.

Where is the service located?

We are located in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Who benefits from Vincentian House services?
We specialise in supporting families, women and children at immediate risk or currently experiencing homeless through a dedicated team of support workers, case managers and partnerships with visiting clinicians and specialised services. We have a number of programs currently running at Vincentian House which are aimed at assisting the service users.   These include:
Outreach Program: Vincentian House has access to a number of houses in the community. Residents of Vincentian House who are identified as needing additional support and stability may be eligible for the Community Outreach Program. A resident’s case manager can refer eligible clients to the Outreach case manager, and if successful, the Outreach worker will continue to work with them on long term goals, for up to two years.

On-site Case Management: Vincentian House is a resident directed case management program and all residents are assigned a case manager. Residents work with their case managers towards identified goals during their stay. Support plans are unique to each person as they are about their own identified needs and goals. Case managers work in conjunction with children and young person case managers who support younger residents with education, emotional and other support as required.

V4You Program: Formerly the Kids Engaged in Education Program (KEEP), V4You offers a range of targeted support for children and young people who are staying at Vincentian House. V4You has been developed with the understanding that children who experience homelessness, trauma and upheaval in their lives benefit from having a meaningful and continued relationship with school, and that education can be a powerful tool in overcoming social disadvantage. This program has two specialised Children & Young Person Case Managers who work alongside both children and parents to achieve positive outcomes for the family as a whole.

Some of the programs which V4You offers are Homework and Tutoring clubs, parenting classes, an exciting school holiday program and case management to each child at Vincentian House.

Day services:
Residents have access to a range of onsite
services including:
Mental Health and Wellbeing Clinic
Homeless Persons Information Service
Centrelink Outreach Service
Family, Couple, Individual (including children) Counselling
Parenting Programs
Supported Playgroups
Wellbeing support and Living Skills groups.
Rent It Keep It program
Financial Counselling
Job Club

Many of these services are available by appointment to community members who fit our criteria. Please contact Vincentian House on (02) 8093 6799 or for more information.

Can I volunteer for this service?

Volunteer opportunities will be made available on the volunteering section.

How can I find out more?

For more information, please contact Vincentian House on:
Phone: (02) 8093 6799
Email: Vincentian.House@vinnies.org.au