Youth Reach

Who can access this service? 

Youth Reach provides 11-24 year olds with inspiration, encouragement, support and a fun place to hang out.  Our programs include a drop-in youth centre, case management and psychology programs, recreational activities, as well as a series of outreach programs designed to improve young lives.

Where is the service located?

12 Powells Road, Brookvale, 2100

Who benefits from Youth Reach?

Based in Brookvale, our free support service enriches the lives of young people and provides them with physical, social and emotional support.  Our drop in centre is packed with recreation, learning and development activities.  Open Monday-Friday between the hours of 9.00am and 5.30pm, our friendly, qualified staff are there to welcome young people who simply feel like dropping in or who want to access a diverse range of free activities including
-    Computers and internet access
-    Gym
-    Krank’n Music Studio (with instruments and recording equipment)
-    DJ Studio
-    Kitchen facilities
-    Chill-out area
-    Babies and young children’s play area
-    Table tennis
-    Pool tables
-    Basketball hoop
-    Toilet and shower facilities

We’d love you to come in and see for yourself how wonderful our centre is.   

Youth Reach is also a provider of the Department of Education’s Youth Connections program designed to provide a safety net for young people living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney who are disengaged – or who are at risk of becoming disengaged – from education.  The Youth Connections Program provides young people who have left school, or who are thinking of leaving school, the support and guidance to reconnect with an education pathway that will ultimately lead to a Year 12 (or equivalent) level of education.  Our experienced staff members are dedicated to providing assistance to children and young people who need extra support.  Children and young people in the program benefit from one-on-one care through our case management and/or psychology services.  A highly experienced team member is assigned to work with the young person to overcome the barriers they currently face, so that they find a renewed desire for education.

Our team members also regularly visit schools and areas where young people congregate and engage with them through outreach activities.

Can I volunteer for this service?

Yes.  Volunteers are utilised in Youth Reach’s homework programs and for various events such as our Saturday night basketball program.

How can I find out more about Youth Reach?

Please contact the Manager at