What is the service?

The Claymore Community Laundromat and Coffee Shop is run by the CDAH Claymore Community for the residents of Claymore and surrounding suburbs of Campbelltown in the South West region of Sydney.

Where is the service located?

The Claymore Laundromat is located in Claymore (Campbelltown Region) on the corner of Gould and Dobell Streets, in a community precinct (community centre and child care facility).

Who benefits from the service?

The people who benefit from the Claymore Laundromat and Coffee Shop are the volunteers who run the venture and residents who live in the social housing estate of Claymore. People of all ages and circumstance.

Can I volunteers for the service?


How can I find out more?

Contact for the Claymore Laundromat & Coffee shop:
Irenka Bell – Volunteer Coordinator – (02) 4627 9025 irenka@svdpwgong.org.au
Claymore Community Laundromat and Coffee Shop direct line  (02) 4627 9230.