What is the Margaret Druitt Day Centre?

Margaret Druitt Day Care Centre is a long day care centre which looks after the community welfare of families who struggle for affordable long day care for their children. It is governed by St Vincent de Paul Society. Margaret Druitt Day Care Centre operates for 50 weeks a year and opens from 6.30am to 5.30pm. The Centre is staffed by two early childhood education teachers, three educators who hold a Diploma in Children Services and six educators with Certificate III qualifications, who provide safe environment where children can play, learn and develop in their formative years. In partnership with families, the educators at the Margaret Druitt Day Centre nurture development in the children through sensitive guidance, professional support and extensive opportunities for play as per the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia Government Guidelines.

Who can access this service?

­­Children from two to five years of age can access the Margaret Druitt Day Centre. Our Centre caters for 90 children in this aged group every week with a strong client focus on low income and disadvantaged families. Children are not only provided with a strong developmental curriculum but are also provided with one hot meal, as well as morning and afternoon tea.

Where is the service located?

Our Centre is located in Emerton which is a suburb Sydney in the state of New South Wales. Emerton is located 46 kilometers west of the Sydney Central Business District in the local government area of the City of Blacktown and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region.

Emerton is primarily a residential suburb with very limited commercial activity centered around the Emerton Leisure Centre. It is quite close to the suburbs of Mount Druitt NSW and St Marys.

Who can benefit from the Margaret Druitt Day Care Centre?

The curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs and interest of each child. At the Centre we promote programmes that provide children with the opportunity to make choices, maintain and build relationships, develop language, and develop problem solving, mathematical thinking and literacy skills whilst recognising that each child develops at his/her own pace. As such programming is flexible and is developed based on children’s strengths, existing knowledge and interest.

The Margaret Druitt Day Care Centre recognises that each family is diverse and brings many backgrounds to the service. The Centre recognises that for each individual to develop to their full potential an anti-bias curriculum must be adopted. This is achieved by providing programs and experiences that reflect the diversity of the wider community.

In order for the child to be enrolled, the following points need to be considered:

  • Fees must be paid on the first morning you child attends the service for the week.
  • Upon enrolment, families must pay a security deposit of $95.
  • Fees must be paid one week in advance.
  • Fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly in advance by cheque, cash or EFT.
  • Fees are payable in advance for every day that your child is enrolled at the service. This includes sick days, public holidays and family holidays but excludes periods when the service is closed.
  • Child Care Benefit (CCB) is available to all families who are Australian residents. To find out their eligibility, families must contact the Family Assistance Office.

Child Care Benefits can be received as:

  • A reduction of fees through the service.
  • A lump sum payment to families at the end of the financial year that the service is used in.
  • A receipt will be issued for all fees. This will include the child/children’s full name/s, date of care, date of payment, amount, etc. 
  • Should parents wish to end their child’s place at the service or should management make the decision to terminate your child’s place, two weeks written notice is required from the ending/terminating party. If this does not occur, two weeks fees will be billed to parents.

How can I find out more about this service?

For more information please contact Sarita Baidya the nominated supervisor on:

Phone (02) 9628 6939

Fax (02) 9628 7188