What is Rosalie’s Garden?

Rosalie’s Garden is a drop in centre. We support and assist people to maintain independent living by informing, advocating and referring clients to all Government and non-Government agencies. The Centre is a friendly, safe environment where people can receive support services, including support for domestic violence, legal information and advice, housing, budgeting, and personal counselling.

Who can access this service?

People within the community who are experiencing hardship are encouraged to access the service. We also encourage people who feel isolated or marginalised to drop in for a friendly chat and cuppa.

Where is the service located?

Rosalie’s Garden is located upstairs from the Vinnies Shop in Woy Woy, NSW.

Who benefits from this service?

People who are isolated, experiencing homelessness or living without a support network in the community benefit from services provided by Rosalie’s Garden.

Can I volunteer at Roaslie’s Garden?

Rosalie’s Garden does not have volunteers at this stage.

How can I find out more?

For more information please contact our manager, Rory Sullivan.

41 The Boulevarde

Woy Woy, NSW 2256

Phone: (02) 4342 6527

Email: svdprose@bigpond.net.au