What is Vinnies Van and Café, Orange?

This is a Special Work of the Society in Orange NSW. Our Van operates in the early evenings during off-pension weeks and visits several locations around Orange, bringing light food and hot drinks to those who come to us.

Who can access this Service?

Anyone is free to approach the van whenever it is in its various locations around Orange. Nobody is turned away.

Where is the Service Located?

Our service visits locations in Orange including Kurim Complex, Cootes Estate, Spring Street Childcare Centre and Showground.

Who Benefits from Vinnies Van, Orange?

We serve people from a diversity of backgrounds, including young people and families. We seek to offer a gentle presence as a reminder of their dignity and worth. Orange experiences severe winters and we welcome those who may benefit from simple food and a hot drink on very cold nights.

Can I volunteer for this Service?

At present, all our Van crews are full. We are happy to add names to our waiting list for contact as vacancies occur.

How Can I find out more about this Service?

For more information, volunteer enquiries or to make a donation, please contact Bathurst Central Council Office (Orange) on 6362 2565 or email: bathdio@vinnies.org.au