What is the Cleveland Centre?

The Cleveland Centre provides general counselling for individuals and couples in addition to early intervention programs for families with children under the age of 12 years.

Counselling is available from Monday to Thursday. Our counsellors are experienced workers dealing with issues such as addiction, domestic violence, loss and grief.

We also offer Tuning in to Kids which is a six week program run four times throughout the year. This program is an evidence-based parenting program that focuses on the emotional connection between parents and children. In particular the program teaches parents skills in emotion coaching, which is to recognise, understand and respond to children’s emotions in an accepting, supportive way. This approach helps the child to understand and manage their emotions. Additional support programs for parents are also available. 

Who can access the Cleveland Centre?

Anyone can access the Cleveland Centre.  People can self-refer or be referred by another service/agency.

Where is the Cleveland Centre located?

The Cleveland Centre is located at 317 Cleveland Street, Redfern. 

Can I volunteer for the Cleveland Centre?

Qualified Counsellors are always welcome to volunteer their time at the centre. Other volunteer opportunities will be made available in the Volunteering Section.

How can I find out more?

For further information please contact one of our counsellors on:

 Phone: (02) 9690 5620

 Email: clevelandcentre@sydneyvinnies.org