What is the Como Social & Leisure Centre?

Como Social & Leisure Centre (Como) provides safe, friendly and supported centre-based and community participation day programs for people with disability. 

Como also provides in-home support.

Como is an accredited service under the NDIS. 

Who can access the Como Social & Leisure Centre?

Como can be accessed by people over 18 years of age who are receiving funding through the NDIS.

Where is the Como Social & Leisure Centre located?

The Centre is located at 6-8 Taplan Street, Como NSW 2226 in the former St Peter’s Church.

What are the benefits of accessing this service?

People accessing our day programs and in-home support receive a broad range of supports utilising a person-centred approach. The people we support, enjoy a safe and friendly atmosphere, with the opportunity to develop skills and build meaningful friendships with others who share similar goals and interests.

Can I volunteer for Como Social & Leisure Centre?

Volunteer opportunities for persons aged 18 years and above exist within the centre program, as well as to assist with administration and garden maintenance. 

We are interested in volunteers who would like to learn new skills or offer specialised skill sets such as creative arts. We encourage volunteers to commit to one day per week on a long-term basis, to achieve purposeful outcomes for those we support and the service at large.

How can I find out more?

For more information, please contact our Intake Officer on:

Phone: (02) 9528 4963

Email: Intake-DS@sydneyvinnies.org