Youth Reach

What is Youth Reach?

Youth Reach is a youth support service that provides both a free youth drop in centre, as well as providing early intervention, social inclusion opportunities and outreach programs.

Who can access this service? 

Youth Reach provides 11-24 year olds with inspiration, encouragement, support and a fun place to hang out.

Where is the service located?

12 Powells Road, Brookvale, 2100

Who benefits from Youth Reach?

Based in Brookvale, our free support service enriches the lives of young people and provides them with physical, social and emotional support. Programs and activities include: information and referral, case management, personal counselling, family mediation employment assistance, up-skilling young people in accredited courses, educational support, budget counselling, self-esteem and anger management groups. The service provides a safe and inclusive space for young people to relax, meet and socialise. Our friendly, qualified staff are there to welcome young people who simply feel like dropping in or who want to access a diverse range of free activities including
-    Computers and internet access
-    Gym
-    Music
-    Recording studio
-    Kitchen facilities
-    Chill-out area
-    Table tennis
-    Pool tables
-    Basketball hoop
-    Toilet and shower facilities

We’d love you to come in and see for yourself how wonderful our centre is.   

Can I volunteer for this service?

Yes.  Volunteers are utilised in Youth Reach’s homework programs and for various events such as our Saturday night basketball program.

How can I find out more about Youth Reach?

Please contact the Manager at