What is Samaritan Services?
Samaritan Services is funded by ACT Health and provides accommodation and support for those experiencing ongoing mental illness. It focuses on those leaving institutions such as correctional or psychiatric care and supporting them through this vulnerable period. The service operates on a ‘recovery’ mental health model, seeking to ensure a quality of life whilst sustaining a safe and stable tenancy.

Who can access this service?
Anyone with a chronic mental illness that is in need of stable accommodation and/or intensive outreach support. A priority area for Samaritan Services is supporting people who are exiting institutions such as the Canberra Correctional Centre (Alexander Maconochie Centre) and the Psychiatric Services Ward.

Where is the service located?
In multiple sites across Canberra, ACT.

What are the benefits from accessing Samaritan Services?
The focus of the service is to support the needs of our guests to ensure longer-term stability and independence.

Can I volunteer for this service?
Yes please email volunteer@svdp-cg.org.au

How can I find out more about Samaritan Services?
Please contact First Point:
Phone: 1800 1 POINT
            1800 1 76467

E: Info@svdp-cg.org.au