What s Family Services?
Family Services has been providing support and accommodation to families across Canberra since 1975. It is a large program providing supported accommodation for approximately 20 families and outreach for a further 40 families in the Canberra region who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Who can access this service?
Any family that is currently or at risk of homelessness. We define a family as anyone, single mother, father or couple with at least one dependent child in majority care. Our main focus is providing accommodation and support to families with an emphasis on the safety, well-being and development of children.

Where is the service located?
Our office is located in Deakin, however the program has properties and provides support across the entire ACT.

Who benefits from the Family Support Services?
Family support is based on creating therapeutic relationships between our staff and guests. This relationship leads to self-empowerment and growth through and beyond the family’s crisis. The service actively works with the wider homelessness community and external agencies such as schools, community hubs, and relevant government agencies.

Can I volunteer for this service? Yes please; email Volunteer@svdp-cg.org.au

How can I find out more about Family Services?
Please contact One Link
Phone: 1800 176 468
Email: info@svdp-cg.org.au