Disaster Response and Recovery in the ACT

The St Vincent de Paul Society of Canberra Goulburn is a Community Partner within the ACT Government’s disaster preparedness plan, and has agreed to support Disaster Recovery (DR) operations in the ACT when requested. The Society liaises with the ACT government on DR matters through its membership of the ACT Community Recovery Committee

The Society does not have any existing arrangements with the NSW government for the provision of support during a disaster or emergency within NSW.

Community Recovery Committee

The Community Recovery Committee comprises local representatives of participating agencies (including the Society) who have the ability to provide specific services required in the recovery process. 

The role and responsibilities of members of the Community Recovery Committee include:

  • liaise between their own agency and ACT Community Recovery;
  • activate their own agency in an emergency;
  • maintain records of actions taken, decisions made and financial expenditure during an emergency;
  • train staff and volunteers in community recovery and in the organisation’s role in recovery;
  • maintain contact lists for their own agency and provide regular updates to ACT Community Recovery;
  • maintain current knowledge of their own agency’s resources and deployment arrangements; and
  • attend the Recovery Operations Centre for meetings as required during an emergency.

It is recognised that other agencies that are not specifically designated as members of the Committee may assist the Committee in its community recovery activities following an emergency.  These include organisations such as local service clubs, other charitable and non-government organisations, businesses and small local community agencies.

Agreed Service Provision
St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn has agreed through a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), to provide the following key services:
• Provision of clothing and personal requisites;
• Management of clothing services;
• Provision of volunteers, employees and resources;
• Purchase of provisions and equipment;
• Establishment of facilities, including collection and distribution Centres;
• Providing Clothing Liaison Officers to nominated Evacuation or Recovery Centres;

For further information regarding the Society’s Disaster Recovery programme within the Canberra/Goulburn Archdiocese, or the contents of this manual please contact us.