We appreciate that the Black Summer bushfires affected each community differently, and local residents know their own community’s needs better than anyone. The Vinnies Bushfire Community Grants program has supported community organisations and grassroots groups in delivering their own local recovery projects.

These grants empowered regions, placed experienced people at the helm of recovery and facilitated community recovery.  Funds were used in areas such as maintenance, restoration, events and purchasing of materials to name a few.

A total of $689,653 was provided during the first 2 rounds of the grants program. Applications for the 3 round have now closed and are being assessed.

Batlow Senior Citizens Village

The Batlow Senior Citizens Village Association were one of the grateful recipients of one of the Vinnies Bushfire Community Grants.

The group used the grant to purchase and install an air conditioner in the Mountain Made Arts and Craft Shop which is located in a building which is owned by the Village Association. The shop makes and sells locally made items. The air conditioner will help to cool those working and creating in the shop during the summer and bring warmth and comfort to craftspeople and customers during the winter.

“The support from the Vinnies organisation towards the community to recover and rebuild after the bushfires gave us hope and optimism for the future,” said the group.

They are extremely grateful to Vinnies and feel like the little town often forgotten has had their spirits lifted.


Bombala Preschool

A Vinnies Bushfire Community Grant was given to Bombala Preschool Urban and Indigenous agriculture project.

The pre-school along with other invited schools have united to create a community based urban and Indigenous agriculture project. The permaculture garden is supported by different organisations, including the Vinnies Bushfire Community Grants and involves people of all ages from kids to seniors. Not only does it unite people, it teaches everyone about Indigenous culture and also serves as a stark reminder of the united community after the devastation of the fires.

Through the work of Vinnies this community has been able to re-build whilst also creating new memories and experiences together.