Ineke Smith was one of the many evacuated from their home in Batemans Bay on New Year’s Eve. 

“It was freaky. I’ve never been in anything like it before,” said Ineke. 

There was a lot of damage to her property, with the garage, carport, fence and garden destroyed, but fortunately the firies saved her house – though it is covered with soot and black gunk.  

“It was very, very hairy, but I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I have friends that have lost everything,” she said. 

After returning to her property, Ineke was still without power for ten days. 

Ineke received financial assistance from Vinnies through the Batemans Bay Recovery Centre. 

“The people at the Recovery Centre were just so lovely. It was very well done, and it was so nice to speak to someone face-to-face.” 

“It was so helpful to get some money to employ a handyman to help clean up the yard, and take things to the tip,” she said.  

“I am very, very thankful for the money. I will put this money to very good use in order to try and get my property back the way it was before the fires.” 

“I just want to convey my sincere thanks to Vinnies and the thousands of people who donated, for the generous donation given to me when I visited the Bush Fire Recovery Centre at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club.  The people there were just great - understanding and sympathetic.   

Thank you again.”