Every gift will help us support people in need

Your will reflects what is important to you and ensures your personal wishes will be met. Written wisely it can give your loved ones peace of mind. Firstly discuss your intentions with your loved ones, and then we strongly recommend you seek legal guidance. A will is a legal document and should be prepared with a trusted legal advisor. We recommend that you review your will regularly to reflect your current circumstances, keep it safe and easy-to-access, and advise your executors where the original is kept.

How you can give

After you have provided for your loved ones, there are four main ways you can include a gift in your will to St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland.

Leave a portion of your estate.

The remainder of your estate after specific gifts have been distributed.

Specific gift of cash.

Specific items such property or shares, bonds or other items of value.

The best type of gift you can leave is a percentage or residual as these keep their value over time.

How your gift will be used

We welcome gifts made unconditionally so we can direct funds to the area of greatest need. If you choose to leave a gift to a specific area, we recommend you express this as a wish, not a condition. This gives us the flexibility to transfer your gift to a similar area of work if it is no longer possible to fund the specific area you requested.