Is it safe to donate to Vinnies?

The Vinnies National Council and all the state and territory Councils are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.

How will Vinnies use my donation?

Vinnies will use all donations to help people recover from the bushfire disaster.

Short term – money may be used to pay for immediate needs such as food vouchers, clothing, bedding, fuel and other household costs, and emergency accommodation.

Medium term – money may be needed to pay for living costs, white goods and furniture.

Long term – money may help to cover damage to homes not covered by insurance.

Does my money actually go to the people affected by the fires?

Yes. All monies donated to the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal go directly to eligible individuals in bush-fire affected areas in the ACT (Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese which includes the NSW South Coast), NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Can I drop my clothes/blankets/furniture/mattress off for you to send to people affected by the fires?

At this point, the best way to support people affected by the bushfires is to make a financial donation.

Distributing goods-in-kind in the immediate future is difficult due to the cost of transport and the difficulty of getting goods to affected areas because of road closures. Purchasing items locally also enables support for the local economy by supporting local small businesses.

If you’d like to donate goods, please consider donating to a Vinnies shop outside the fire affected areas. Funds raised from the sale of items in store go towards supporting people in need.

Are administrative fees taken out of my donation?

Vinnies does not take an administration fee from money donated during disasters. 100% of money donated to the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal is used to help people affected by the fire.

Can I go to my local Vinnies shop and make a donation?

Yes, you can.

Is my credit card secure?

Yes. The Vinnies website is secure and your information will be protected.

Will I get a receipt?

Where you donate by EFT, you will receive a tax deductible receipt from the Vinnies state Council that operates in the state where you live. For people living in Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, these Society Councils have asked NSW to issue receipts on their behalf.

Is my donation tax deductible?

All Vinnies state and territory Councils are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Therefore, financial donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible for the person making the donation.