With over two million people living below the poverty line in Australia, including over half a million children, your donation allows the St Vincent de Paul Society to provide more than immediate help, it provides something much more valuable – the opportunity of a better life. Regular financial donations play a crucial role in our ability to help 1.8 million people each year.

Vinnies also hosts a range of community fundraising activities, which include:

  • Vinnies CEO Sleepout  - As our headline event the Vinnies CEO Sleepout aims to get some of Australia’s highest profile business people involved in raising funds for Vinnies and raising awareness about homelessness.
  • Vinnies Community Sleepouts - You don’t have to be in business to hold a sleepout – anyone can hold a Community Sleepout. Funds raised through the Sleepout directly assist people experiencing homelessness and fund new projects.
  • Vinnies School Sleepouts - They’re ideally suited for schools seeking ways to raise social justice issues among students.

As well the Community Sleepouts, our regular appeals – the Winter Appeal and the Christmas Appeal – helps us help others when they need it the most. Here is a link to our most recent Appeal:

Vinnies Christmas Appeal 

Vinnies continues to restore hope to struggling families each year. As we approach the Christmas period there are people who need hope more than ever. Vinnies makes a real difference in the lives of 1 out of 18 people in Australia. To make a donation or to find out more click here.