National Council Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Message from National President

The St Vincent de Paul Society is committed to serving people in need in our community.

The Society’s strength lies in our local presence in communities, which enables us to offer personal service, neighbour to neighbour, with compassion and respect. While acting locally, we are bound together, connected to our Vincentian brothers and sisters around Australia and the world, by our shared history and mission.

As the National Council, we must serve our members in Australia by ensuring the Society remains true to its values, with members and councils working collaboratively within Australia and beyond to carry out our mission – through good works, through sharing our faith, and through advocating on behalf of our members and the people we assist.

This strategic plan will help to anchor us in the years ahead, serving as a guide and constant reminder of our purpose and mission as National Council. In addition this strategic plan shows how the National Council will lead and govern the Society in Australia for the next eight to 10 years through and with the state and territory councils enabling our members and volunteers to concentrate on their vital work of serving Christ through our companions knowing that they have the necessary resources and compliance structures they need and acting in accordance with the Rule.

It will strengthen our role as we work with members and councils in Australia, Oceania and throughout the world to build conferences of well-informed and spiritually enriched members, to do good works in a safe and sustainable manner, and to influence law and policy through our example and our tenacious advocacy.

Claire Victory, 

President National Council 

National Council Strategic Plan  2020-2023


National Council Strategic Plan 2020-2023