Operating since 1884, the Society in South Australia has over 3500 members and volunteers in 63 Conferences, 34 Vinnies Centres and numerous Special Works.  They work together, supported by dedicated staff,  to relieve not only the immediate requirements of those in need, but to identify the deep and long-term causes leading to spiritual, financial and social hardship in our community, and provide a voice for the disadvantaged.

Each year the Society assists more than 100,000 South Australians.  This help is not limited to providing material goods, food and shelter, but extends to providing spiritual support, relief from loneliness and encouragement for people to help themselves.
Vinnies relies largely on the generosity of donations from the public, and any surplus generated goes directly to supporting the Society’s good works, which provide a range of services to people facing disadvantage.

Our services include;

  • Conferences - Serving people in need on a one to one basis, in the spirit of Christ
  • Vinnies Shops - Providing quality pre-loved clothing, household goods and furniture for people in need.
  • Fred’s Van - Feeding the homeless and hungry.
  • Vinnies Men's Crisis Centre - Providing emergency accommodation and support to homeless men around the clock every day of the year.
  • Vinnies Women's Crisis Centre -  A safe haven for women, children and pets in a tranquil setting
  • Migrant and Refugee Centre -Welcome and help for new arrivals to South Australia.
  • Overseas Partnerships and Development - A contribution to world peace and understanding.
  • Amelie Housing. - (formerly Frederic Ozanam Housing Association) Housing those in need.

How you can help

The St Vincent de Paul Society is supported by the generosity of individuals, churches, schools, community groups, corporations, philanthropic trusts and volunteers. The variety of support is invaluable and makes a significant difference to the people we assist.

You can help by;

For further information please contact:

Enquiries: (08) 8112 8700

Donations: (08) 8112 8777

Web: www.vinnies.org.au

Email: svdp@svdpsa.org.au