Reflection 2
July 13, 2014

Text (Gospel Story) Matthew 13:1-23

Jesus said: “A sower went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path, and birds came up and ate it up. Some fell on rocky ground, where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep, and when the sun rose it was scorched, and it withered for lack of roots. Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and chocked it.  But some seed fell on rich soil, and produced fruit, a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold. Whoever has ears ought to hear.”

Sharing the Mission

A fellow student challenged Frederic Ozanam by saying: “Today Christianity is dead. Indeed, you people who boast about being Catholics, what are you doing? Where are the works which demonstrate your Faith…?” The Holy Spirit inspired Frederic with these words that touched the heart and mind of each person in the room: “We must do what is most agreeable to God. Therefore, we must do what our Lord Jesus Christ did when preaching the Gospel. Let us go to the poor.”


(Leader) Lord, make us sowers, who spread the good news,
(Together) With eyes to see the poor.
(Leader) Lord, make us your seed in our words and example,
(Together) With ears to hear the cries of the poor.
(Leader) Lord, make us your rich soil,
(Together) With hearts filled with love and mercy.
(Together) Amen.


During your visits this week, if you are challenged, remember the call of Blessed Frederic Ozanam ‘Let us go to the poor’.


As disciples who are ‘Sower, Seed and Soil’, how do you have hearts that love, eyes that see and ears that hear the cries of the poor?