Reflection 10 

Text (Gospel Story) Luke 7:11-17

Jesus went to a town called Naim, and his disciples and a large crowd accompanied him. As he approached the gate of the town a dead man was being carried out, the only son of a widowed mother. A considerable crowd of townsfolk were with her. The Lord was moved with pity upon seeing her and said to her, “Do not cry.” Then he stepped forward and touched the litter; at this, the bearers halted. He said, “Young man, I bid you get up.” Then Jesus gave him back to his mother. Fear seized them all and they began to praise God. “A great prophet has risen among us,” they said; and, “God has visited his people.” This was the report that spread about him throughout Judea and the surrounding country.

Sharing the Mission

No talk or address of St Vincent de Paul ever ended without some real, down-to-earth, practical advice, and so, following his own practice, could I suggest to you that you try to snatch more moments of reflection during the day, to cultivate silence of the heart, so that you may wonder at the grace of God that is all around us, like the air we breathe. In large measure it is the use we make of silence and reflection that makes us the sort of persons we are becoming. To dig continually a well of silence in our lives is to have an assurance that the living water of God’s grace will keep springing up.


In what ways have you found time for silence and reflection in your life?


(Leader) Jesus, you call us to be your disciples,

(Together) May we be your true servants.

(Leader) Jesus, show us how to find time for silence and reflection,

(Together) Give us eyes to see your grace all around us.

(Leader) Jesus, give us the spirit of wonder,

(Together) So that we will know that “all is grace”. Amen