Wina Zhu has been involved with the Society since 2011. Wina has a passion for youth engagement and has extensive experience within the youth engagement and leadership space. Wina was actively involved in her university conference, and as part of that engagement has held various leadership roles such as Deputy Youth Rep for Sydney Archdiocesan Council, and most recently was the Deputy Youth Representative for the newly established Spirit of Youth Committee.  In 2019 Wina completed the Society’s Emerging Young Leaders Program.


Currently, Wina leads the Society’s Spirit of Youth Committee, a group of passionate youth leaders who are working strategically to ensure that youth membership is accessible and meaningful across all levels of the organisation.  Wina brings a particular focus of ensuring that all youth members, volunteers and staff are well supported and resourced through Society structures and programs.

Wina works as a Change & Project Manager and is passionate about learning & development and organisational change.