The Vincentian mission is in Patricia (Trish) McMahon’s blood, her father was a Vincentian in both Warwick and Toowoomba, a man of great leadership who inspired Trish. She commenced her Vincentian journey with St Stephen’s Conference, there were 3 Members at the time.  She loves and is committed to the St Vincent de Paul Society and the work carried out for those less fortunate in our community.

Trish has served as a Conference President - Regional Council, BDCC Secretary and Treasurer and currently Diocesan Council President as well as on the State Council. 

Through her work on Diocesan and State Council, Trish see’s the need to continue with the previous Presidents’ legacies of ensuring we are true to our identity, to not sacrifice our identity in the name of progress but to find creative ways of adapting while remaining true to who we are. It is her belief that we need to nurture the spiritual welfare of our members/volunteers and staff by sharing their skills and talents to enhance the richness of our Society. She would particularly like to continue to encourage our youth and believes our future membership is in great hands with our Youth Teams.

Trish grew up in Warwick and is 1 of 9 children, she is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 6.  She has worked in business administration, financial advice and is a professionally trained Authorised Civil Celebrant.

“As a Servant leader, it is good and well for me to have a vision, but I would like to express my belief that is truly for “us” to discern the vision together.”  Trish McMahon