National Council Committees

National Council Committees

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National Council Committees (pdf file)



Audit, Risk & Finance

Bernard Meadley (C), Tinashe Kamangira, Michelle Kemp (SA CFO), Matt Nunan

Brand Stewardship, Marketing & Fundraising

John Feint (C), Rub Lutter (NT), Lindsay Rae (C-G), Anthony Nowak (Qld), Yolanda
Saiz (NSW), Maria Nguyen (SoY), Phillip Adams (NSC - Secretary)

Data Integrity & Cyber Security

Ryan Erlandsen (C), Corey McGrath (Tas.), Stephen Finch (Qld), Toby oConnor (NCS),
Vincent Nguyen (NCS)


Mark Gaetani (C), Claire Victory, Kevin McMahon, Frank Brassil

Legal & Governance

Warwick Fulton (C), Jocelyn Cull (NT), Kerry Muir (NSW)

Membership, Mission & Vincentian Spirituality

Matt Nunan (C), Sr Therese Haywood, rep from Mission, youth rep & rep from a
smaller jurisdiction

National Disaster Appeals

Maurice Ryan (C), John Feint, John Moore (Tas.), Michael D'Ascenzo,
Stephen Marshall (NSW)


Corey McGrath (C), Claire Victory (SA), Suhasini Sumithra (NSW)

Spirit of Youth

Patrick Wallis (C), Lachlan Dent (Deputy), Cassandra Bull (NCS - Advisor),
*work in progress*



Overseas Partnerships Program

Kevin McMahon (C), Mike Reynolds (Twinning Coord), Anita Williams (Assist-A-Student
Coord), Jerry McAuliffe (Formation & Training), Vacant (Project Coord)

Society CEOs Group

Toby oConnor (C), Susan Rooney, Heather Kent, Paul Turton (acting), Lucy Hohnen,
Evelyn O'Loughlin, Rob Lutter, Yolanda Saiz, Graham West, Kevin Mercer

State & Territory CEOs Group

Kevin Mercer (C), Susan Rooney, Heather Kent, Paul Turton (acting), Lucy Hohnen,
Evelyn O'Loughlin, Rob Lutter, Yolanda Saiz

As required Toby oConnor

Social Justice

Matt Nunan (C), John Scobie (Qld), Mark Gaetani (Tas.), Brooke Simmons (NSW),
Jocelyn Cull (NT), Margaret Gearon (Vic.) Rhiannon Cook (NSW), Gavin Duffy (Vic.),
Tony Roach (SA), Ryan Erlandsen (NC), Tim McKenna (cc)

The Rule Part III Review Committee

Warwick Fulton (C), Jocelyn Cull, Patrick Wallis, Kerry Muir, Alyssa Caplan,
Toby oConnor

State & Territory Youth Representatives

State or Territory Youth Representatives from each jurisdiction plus chair (TBA)

Website Governance

Toby oConnor (C), tbd


SVdP National Redress Scheme Ltd

Toby oConnor (Secretary)

Denis Walsh (C), Dennis Innes, Anne Stanfield, Tony Brennan, Philip Cranny,
Claire Victory

Amelie Housing Ltd 

Graham West (CEO)

Tony Carpani (C)

Class A: National Council

Class B: SVdP-NSW, C-G, Tas. & SA

Independent Directors

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