Our history of good works is built on providing practical support, but also by extending the hand of friendship.

Isolation is a common experience for the aging and disadvantaged in our community. You may be at home, in hospital or a nursing home, and having someone connect with you by phone or a visitation at these times of need can be helpful.

Today, we have over 150 Conference members in the Territory and many more volunteers. Our dedicated members provide a compassionate listening ear to you in times of need. Our members are always happy to assist our companions.

A member may visit or call if you are isolated or feeling lonely. For more information on our Conferences and contact details please click here.

The Society also runs events or activities during the year that can provide you with the opportunity to socialise and spend time with others.

For details of events visit our News page or Facebook page.

For more information

Call us on 08 8948 8100 or email