Drug and alcohol addiction - Gillies House

What is Gillies House?

Gillies House is a post withdrawal / rehabilitation, recovery based program for men with a history of alcohol and other drug dependence. The program is three to six months in duration and the men who attend GH have chosen abstinence from alcohol and other drug use as their goal. This service has assisted men successful integration into society following addiction for 40 years.

Who can access it?

Males aged over 18 years who have completed a withdrawal and / or rehabilitation program and want to remain abstinent from alcohol and other drugs. They must be able to participate in employment or study.

What are the benefits?

The aims of the program are to provide a safe environment that enables participants to rebuild their lives following addiction using a variety of evidence based interventions. Clients are supported to acquire skills that will enhance their ability to live successfully within the community, in a program that is committed to continual quality improvement. Gillies House operates within a holistic case management framework that includes psychosocial, legal, health, employment, relationships, general wellbeing and relapse prevention.


Gillies House 21 Kingford Street, Auchenflower, Qld 4066; (07) 3876 7329; gillies.house@svdpqld.org.au; or www.vinnies.org.au