Cornerstone Homelessness Support Service - Gold Coast

What is Cornerstone Homelessness Support Service - Gold Coast

Cornerstone Homelessness Service on the Gold Coast supports people who are marginalised, homeless or at risk of homelessness. 

The service is based on: Early Intervention; Prevention; Marginalised; and Homelessness, operating a housing first approach which transitions a person or household, wherever possible, from homelessness into stable, short term/ long term housing, with support provided where necessary to sustain the tenancy.

This approach minimises vulnerable people having to be moved through multiple short-term, temporary living situations which can be unsettling and prevent their stabilisation.

The Cornerstone team provides information and referral pathways to support people experiencing homelessness and provides education, support, social integration, early intervention and prevention through on-going case management to stabilise at risk tenancies and connect people to their natural supports within the community.

This is achieved through key partnerships with Families Back on Track (FBOT), local St Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) Conferences, Churches of Christ Housing Services and the Department of Housing Queensland.


Who can access this service?

You are eligible if you and/or your family are:

•  Homeless or at risk of imminent homelessness, eg someone who is living in their car, temporarily living with a friend, or a person who has been given a week to leave their current housing

•  Housed but at risk of homelessness, eg a family who are struggling to maintain a tenancy after emergency hospitalisation or job loss

•  At least one member of the family is over the age of 18.


Where is the service located?

11 Hicks St, Southport


What is expected from this service?

•  Supported short term accommodation or tenancy assistance
•  Advocacy and referrals to appropriate services
•  Regular case management appointments
•  Staff who are professional and committed.


What to expect from this service?

•  Engagement with the program staff
•  Participation in case management
•  Commitment to progress
•  Transparency
•  Accountability.


How can I find out more?

Office hours:  Monday – Friday 8.30 – 4.30pm
Address: 11 Hicks St, Southport
Phone: 5552 5400
Program Coordinator:  Michael Eklom