Volunteer Refugee Tutoring and Community Support (VoRTCS)

What is the VoRTCS?
The VoRTCS Program is a Special Works of St Vincent de Paul and provides in-home tutoring support to many refugee families in Brisbane so they can take up educational, vocational and social opportunities existing in our community. Each week, VoRTCS volunteers visit families from refugee backgrounds for roughly an hour and a half to provide community support and enhance English language skills.

Who can access the VoRTCS?
Refugee families who have recently arrived in Australia and been settled in Brisbane for a minimum of 6 months. VoRTCS can assist families with a minimum of two members requiring assistance in English language skills, confidence building, basic homework and TAFE course assistance, completing forms, settling into their local community and enquiring skills to help them access opportunities within Brisbane.

VoRTCS is not a homework club, with both the adults and children required to participate in the program. If the family require help more suited to the services of a club please consider the list of Brisbane Homework Clubs and English Classes at the bottom of this page.

Where are the VoRTCS located?
VoRTCS is run and based in Brisbane, with tutors assisting families in the north, west and southern suburbs of the city.

What are the benefits of accessing this service?
Those who benefit from this service are refugee families who have recently arrived in Australia and now live in Brisbane. VoRTCS tutors help their assigned family to overcome current obstacles and become more independent and confident members within their community.

Can I volunteer for VoRTCS?
Yes, we are always in need for more eager volunteers to join our team. If you believe refugees have a lot to contribute to Australian society and should be assisted and encouraged to take up the opportunities available to all Australians, whether they be educational, social or vocational then this is the program for you!

How can I find out more?
To find out more, visit the official VoRTCS website at www.refugeetutoring.org for further information and steps in referring a family or becoming a volunteer tutor.

Building Learning Communities
The Building Learning Communities database and the Best Practice Guidelines for developing and running a learning program in literacy, learning and numeracy is the result of the project grant from the Brisbane City Council. These resources assist you in finding community programs in homework support and language and literacy.

Additionally a Best Practice Guide has been developed that draws on documents already developed and available in the community.  The Guide helps community bodies to establish, recruit, select and retain volunteers when designing a learning communities program in language, literacy, numeracy and learning.

Funding for the program from Brisbane City Council is gratefully appreciated and acknowledged.  These resources would not have been produced without the grant provided to engage a project officer to complete the tasks.

It should be noted that the resources will not be updated nor be added to in the future. You are encouraged to contact the respective organisation that is of interest to you in order to check on the current status of programs. Due to the changing nature of funding and grants in Brisbane and regions, details of service providers and their programs may change without notice.


Queensland Helplines

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