Housing Services

If you are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, having a stable place to live is an important first step to address the challenges that may have contributed to your situation.

At the St Vincent de Paul Society Northern Territory, we offer housing for individuals, couples and families. While some of our accommodation may not meet your needs or you may not be eligible, we will still assist by referring you to other local housing services or support agencies.

Scroll down this page for general information on how to access our housing services. Further information is available on our Housing Services in Darwin and Housing Services in Katherine.

Type of assistance

  • Supported accommodation. 6 - 18 month tenancies with case management support
  • Transitional housing. Medium term tenancies up to 24 months
  • Community housing. Medium to longer term tenancies
  • Referrals to other housing providers.

Step 1: Referral to our service

  • If you are currently receiving assistance from a support services agency, please talk to your case worker who can arrange a referral
  • If you are not working with a support agency, you can contact us and enquire directly.

Step 2: Submit a referral or application

  • If you are eligible for housing with our service, you will need to complete and submit a referral form. Your support worker can assist you with completing this step
  • If you are not engaged with a support agency, contact us directly on 08 8948 8100 and we can assist you with completing a referral over the phone.

Step 3: Secure a tenancy

  • Once we have received your referral form, we will contact you to let you know if we have any properties available or not. Unfortunately, vacancies may not always be available
  • If we have properties available, we will complete an assessment with you to understand what support you require and what goals you may have while you are in our housing. Please have your Centrelink Reference number handy and preferably a form of photo identity
  • Our housing team will arrange to meet you to view the property and answer any of your questions regarding the tenancy. They will explain details such as rent, any bond that is applicable, length of tenancy and any tenancy agreement or house rules that you will be asked to sign and abide by during your stay
  • Once you have completed the paperwork and paid any bond, or rent in advance, you will be provided with keys to the property. Once you have keys you can move in.

Step 4: Maintain a tenancy

  • We encourage all our tenants to follow the agreements for living in the property. These are outlined in the house rules or your tenancy agreement, whichever applies
  • Please pay your rent and look after the property
  • Be a good neighbour and be responsible for any damages that may be caused to the property by you or your visitors
  • Our housing are ‘dry’ sites (alcohol restricted)
  • Get involved. We provide opportunities for you to benefit from more than just a roof over your head. Our team will inform you of activities or programs that can make your housing experience more enriching
  • Gain living skills and experience that may support you to sustain a longer term tenancy in future housing
  • While in our housing, take action to secure longer term housing.